NIIV Software is the ideal partner in the development of next generation solutions, with an agile approach to any complexity.

We can offer a wide range of services, from the outsourcing of consultants empowering your team on third-parties projects, to end-to-end solutions, including infrastructures management and platforms customization. Our solutions are tailored around our clients, their needs and their goals, and our team is committed to develop future-friendly and elegantly engineered products.


NIIV Software is a team of professional developers with a strong experience in Open Source technologies, programming mainly in .NET and Java, with Liferay and Alfresco certifications.

Our skills and expertise cover any step of the development process, with professional software engineers, systems analysts, problem managers, network engineers, IT consultants, project managers, web developers and software testers, lead by General Manager Karthikeyan.

The support of a dedicated and passionate tech team is priceless, but we can apply very competitive fees, thanks to the efficiency of our practice.




End-to-End Solutions

Service creation, user experience, design, development, testing and implementation. A full service for a winning solution.

Application Outsourcing

The right solution to manage your applications, with knowledge and passion.

Outsourced Product Development

Wisely integrating communication, collaboration, and specialized resources.

Platforms customization

A personalized development service that optimizes costs while ensuring the highest quality standard.

Enterprise or custom applications and infrastructure management

Maintaining your tools and products up to date, responsive and properly managed, onsite and offsite.

Third-party software integration

For solutions based on Open Source components that need to integrate with custom systems or proprietary software.

Third-party consultancy

Leverage your team with the support of our experts, in order to offer the best next generation product to your clients, in the most profitable way.

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